About Desk-Free

I will have more info up as I move to my new website www.deskfree.org !

Also check out “Desk-Free with Profe Ashley” page on facebook: https://www.facebook.com/deskfreeprofeashley/

Please e-mail me with any questions! ashley@deskfree.org

3 thoughts on “About Desk-Free

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  2. I think that having a desk free enviornment is good because we move around a lot and we do a Ton of movement games, so not having desks lets us move around a lot. It is important because a majority of the activities we do is to review or learning new words.


  3. I am hoping you might be able to attend and/or help spread the word about our first Cascadia CI Conference in Portland, OR June 29-30.

    We have an amazing lineup so far:

    Keynotes/Sessions by Dr. Beniko Mason and Dr. Stephen Krashen

    Sessions by Mike Peto, Annabelle Allen, Ben Slavic, Tina Hargaden, and Jacqueline Miller-Perry and Jon Cowart on CI for Equity, and a couple more surprise folks in the works.

    Model Language Classes by Wade Blevins (modeling in Cherokee), Adam Ziad (modeling in Arabic) Janet Kyong (modeling in Korean), Kristen Noelle Donoghue Wolf (modeling Elementary Spanish), and TBD modeling in Advanced French.

    Evening coaching with Ben Slavic till 11 PM or later!

    Optional pre-conference workshop with Ben Slavic and Tina Hargaden June 26-27

    Visit https://comprehensiblecascadia.org/ for details.

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