New Projects & Adventures

This year has been about a couple of new adventures!

I want to tell you a little aglobe chalk 2bout my Podcast adventure and then about some consulting adventures coming up!

Here I am, in April with 7 episodes recorded of the Inspired Proficiency Podcast . In late 2017, a Kickstarter was launched with the hopes of funding this project. I just put it out there, would people want this product? We exceeded our goal and were fully funded to start the Podcast to release in late February. I was excited and nervous.

Once the Kickstarter was funded, I had a lot of decisions to make. Exactly what equipment would I get? Who would I hire to edit the episodes? What would the work flow schedule be like? Will anyone actually listen….

I fortunately found and joined this amazing Facebook group called Podcast Movement, there I found my audio editor and music composer. I also got info on using Libysn to host and lots of other invaluable tips. So, I had my podcasters to help with all the new things I was learning. And I also had my “Inspiring Team”– 40 of my Kickstarter backers who joined a Facebook group with me to help me make all of these decisions. They helped vote on music, cover art, questions for some of our first guests. My artist was even one of them! I love the logo that Julie Speno created. It was all coming together!

I lined up my first few segments with teachers I would see at the NECTFL conference. My family and I traveled to New York City for a busy weekend. The boys walked A LOT! I presented the “Best of MA” session and met with my first interviewee, none other than, Julie Speno! I also played our first two gameshows that weekend.

I remember trying to figure out the microphones and the inputs and levels with my husband that first night in NYC. I thought I’d had a handle on it, but needed to watch a few more YouTube channels to figure it out! It all came together.

Through the first 7 episodes I’ve truly enjoyed learning this new skill, getting to talk with passionate teachers and connecting with listeners. I’m growing a lot from this experience! About 3 episodes in I started to think about whether I would want to (and would be able to) continue past this first season that the Kickstarter promised. I approached a few sponsors, and it turned out there was enough interest.

So, what’s next? I have 3 more episodes to create this school year. And then will spend some of the summer starting the fall season! The plan is to release 15 episodes between late August and Mid-December! It should be fun.

The second thing I wanted to share with you is that I’m doing more consulting work this year. Have I written about how working with teachers helps me improve my own practice and my working on my own practice improves my work with teachers! It’s a happy little feedback loop.

This Wednesday I’m flying to Hong Kong to participate and lead parts of a Proficiency Workshop and offer professional development to a World Language Departmentat an International School there. I’ve traveled some for consulting, but this is definitely the longest flight. I wanted to let you know because I’ll be sharing some of my journey with you. You can follow along with me on Facebook at and on twitter 

The final thing I wanted to share is that I have some workshops this summer as well as a new day of conversation and collaboration that I’m looking forward to! If you’re interested you can check that out here: 

Ooo- One that comment… I hope to post soon about what my students will be working on while I’m gone. It’s our Teacher for The Day Project!