Survey Says in the Target Language!

I recently played a game for the Inspired Proficiency Podcast , episode 1, called “Survey Says”. I recommend listening to it before reading this since you’ll have context for the ideas. The podcast is released early Tuesday morning! (2/20)

I had sent out a questionnaire to 100 World Language teachers on Twitter and Facebook and our two players had to guess the most popular answers!

This could be really fun to play in your classrooms in the Target Language! Here are some thoughts on how to do it. Please comment with your ideas!

  • Create a survey using Google Forms in the Target Language. Use any topic you want! It can be to introduce a theme, or just ask about likes/dislikes and preferences.
  • I would give the survey to all of your students! Or at least all of your students in that grade level.
  • Use the results as the basis of a game in class! Give the survey days before the actual game so you have time to prep the answers/points.
  • I played that the most popular answer earned 5 points, the next most popular answer or two earned 3 and then any other answer that was give by more than 1 person, earned 1 point.
  • You can use anything for a “buzzer”. On the podcast, players said their names. Many teachers have real buzzers, or you could use a bell or just have them raise their hand. The first person to buzz in, gets the first guess.
  • Each player gets 2 guesses per question.

How would I set it up?  


Our 3 participants in Survey Says for Inspired Proficiency Podcast! 

Option 1: 

Play as a whole class, two teams with each question having a new player answering. The score would add up for the team.

Option 2:

I’d ask the questions and give the answers, maybe use a powerpoint for a visual? And have kids play in pairs, using paper or mini white board. Once they give their guesses, I’d reveal the points for the answers.  I like this option because everyone is participating more.

Will you try “Survey Says” in your classes?


2 thoughts on “Survey Says in the Target Language!

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