Some more info on the Podcast!

inspired prof

We find that the most inspiring moments in our careers have been those when we are connecting with like-minded, passionate teachers. We want to launch this podcast as a space for teachers to come together, share their best tips and ideas, and inspire one another.

This podcast will bring professional development to your ears! We plan on talking with your favorite teachers, presenters, bloggers, and online contributors about things that will directly apply to YOUR classroom.  This podcast aims to provide inspiration conveniently; you can listen to us while driving, cooking or even grading.

The ACTFL convention is once a year and even with regional and state conferences, teachers don’t have enough time, energy or funds for the professional development they need in order to be the best teachers we want to be. This Inspired Proficiency Podcast hopes to provide some of what’s missing in those gaps.


We will create our first season, 10 episodes starting in mid-February and ending in June. Each episode will be about 45 minutes and will consist of 3 segments.

Here is an overview of our segments:

1. An opening with both Becky and Ashley talking about their classrooms, WL teaching news, highlighting resources online and trending conversations in the WL teaching community.

2. An interview with a passionate, successful teacher. We will focus on topics that will inspire ideas to implement immediately in your classroom.

3. A variety segment that will change each episode. Some ideas include: listener involvement, games, voices from more teachers, a panel, student voices or more! This segment will be shaped by the Inspiring Team Members backing this project.

We plan to release an episode every 2 weeks. Ashley will manage one per month and Becky the other. We are hiring out for the technical work.

Funds will cover:

Microphones, headsets, editing, mixing, audio quality, website hosting, cover art, music, advertising and content. If we surpass our goal, we will produce more episodes (Season 2) and upgrade equipment.

To support this project head over to our kickstarter: