26 Backers!

These people rock! This list represents the people supporting our podcast project so far. Most are teachers, some Becky and I know well and others we are excited to work with more. I still have a few mystery “guests” contributing. But here is the list so far. Thank you, thank you, thank you! We are excited to create this podcast for you and with you. Who else wants to join?

  • Maureen Conroy
  • Ruthie Whalen Crockett
  • Ale Young
  • Caro Spring
  • Nelly Ossia
  • Laura Sexton
  • Anne-Kathrin Schille
  • Mandy Levine
  • Megan Budke
  • Julie @ Mundo de Pepita
  • Amy Fitzgerald
  • Estela Schmalz
  • FJ Searls
  • Alison Moran
  • Adam Lukens
  • Maria Smith
  • Jarno Virtanen
  • Kathryn Haggquist
  • Sarah Kennedy
  • Marissa Coulehan
  • Louise Palmer
  • Wyatt Crane
  • Gale Stafford
  • And three more mystery backers

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