Hi everyone!

Now that school is over, I’ve been finalizing the details for a few workshop offerings. There are 3 workshops from August 16- August 18. We’ll be diving into topics from my blog like target language use, games and team challenges, portfolios & self assessments! If you’ve been curious to find out more or implement these ideas into your classroom, this is that opportunity! You can register at or e-mail with questions at

Three Workshop Offerings this August! 

Wednesday 8/16: Strategies for 90%+ Target Language Use in the Novice Classroom

Thursday 8/17: Games and Team Challenges for the World Language Classroom

Friday 8/18: Proficiency Portfolios, Student Self-Assessment & Feedback Practices for the Proficiency Based Classroom


Strategies for 90%+ Target Language Use in the Novice Classroom

Getting rid of English in your classroom can be a struggle! In this workshop we’ll explore how to do it yourself and for your students! Come experience strategies for 90%+ TL use from day one with your Novice-Lows. Interact with students who have experienced a 3-year Spanish-only program at Innovation Academy Charter School. Discover what we do, why and how and take home pieces of our program that would work for you. Groups will discuss strategies for Novice-Low, Mid & High students to stay in the target language 90%+ during the year.

Games and Team Challenges for the World Language Classroom

Do you want to infuse more play into your language classroom? Come explore how to incorporate games, movement, improv and team challenges into your classroom!

Games: Games can be used to build community, as a hook for class, as a transition, or for communicative experiences! Come add a variety of games and resources to your repertoire and discover new ways to integrate them in order to improve student proficiency and create a strong class community.

Movement: Students need to move! During this workshop you will, recognize how often students move in your classroom, discuss the importance of movement for learning, particularly as it pertains to language acquisition; and experience movement that can be strategically applied in lessons.

Improv: The improv world offers unique games and scenarios for fun and communication. Bringing these into the target language rich classroom will enhance your lessons!

Team Challenges: When given a problem to solve, students are able to use the target language as a tool to truly communicate. In this session we will experience a variety of team challenges that can be implemented into your proficiency-based classrooms. We’ll discuss and try out activities appropriate for novices and intermediates. Team challenges build community in your classroom, will allow students to use their language authentically, and provides a shared context for rich conversation in the target language.


Proficiency Portfolios, Student Self-Assessment & Feedback Practices for the Proficiency Based Classroom

We will explore how feedback can be a powerful tool in the language acquisition process and in helping students to grow. We’ll also demonstrate how students can interact with the feedback to reflect and set goals as part of the assessment conversation between teacher and student. We will discuss how teachers could sustainably share observations of key student behaviors (like using the target language) as well as their progress toward meeting language proficiency and performance criteria (ACTFL guidelines) with or without attaching a grade. Participants will be able to implement ideas into their own practices immediately. The presenter’s classroom is a Proficiency-Based, 90%+ TL environment with portfolio assessment; she will share examples and technology resources from her program in order to inspire more regular feedback in other classrooms. Students will visit to share their experiences with these systems.

Participants will:

  • leave with ideas for sustainable systems to provide students with regular feedback on proficiency and performance growth.
  • create a goal for incorporating more feedback in their own practices.
  • be equipped with strategies for having students reflect on feedback and self-assess their own learning.


Pricing: 1 Workshop= $150.00, 2 Workshops= $225.00, 3 Workshops= $275.00

Groups of 3 or more from same school get 15% off each teacher, e-mail if interested!