Student Ideas for Fun TL Activities

We’ve been enjoying our student led classes over the last couple of weeks. Some of the activities and topics have been so fun that I’ve used them (or plan to use them) with other classes. I thought I’d share a few with you here!

Food Hunt

The leaders hid toy food all around the classroom. Students were separated into teams. Once the hunt started, everyone looked to gather the toy food. Then they would earn a point for each toy they collected as long as they knew the word for the food.

Toilet Paper Fashion

Leaders showed a video of a fashion show of dresses made from toilet paper. Then they separated the class into teams to design and create their own clothing from toilet paper. Each group was given three roles of toilet paper. The groups had to communicate about their strategy and then the leaders voted on the best final product.

Ice Cream Sundaes


These leaders prepared icecream sundaes for their classmates. Before serving the food, they taught the important vocabulary so that students would ask for the ingredients they wanted. The students were so excited, that the icecream vocab will not be easily forgotten.

The Solar System

I never thought of doing this type of vocab. But, one group found this fun video and the students were engaged in the conversations. One activity that they did included students creating their own constellations. I also think an extension could be back to back drawing where one student describes his or her constellation


These leaders taught profession vocabulary. One activity that was a lot of fun was having students act out each profession as the WORST example. They would say “Fire fighter” and the students needed to improvise what they’d imagine a really bad fire fighter doing (creating lots of fire hazards, for example), etc. This twist made the vocabulary a lot more fun than just acting out the typical example of each profession.

Transportation Groupings

Leaders taught transportation vocabulary with pictures and actions. Then they played a game similar to Captain’s Coming and would call out transportation names which each corresponded with a number of people and action that had to be done. Students really liked becoming helicopters and school buses as groups.

Playing Sports: Football

Several groups used sports as their topic. Two leaders introduced vocabulary for football and then had stations for students to kick field goals, catch a football, throw a football etc. They include a touch football game at the end. It was a lot of fun using the vocab that we’d been taught.

Homemade animation as a hook

One leader created her own video which allowed her to bring her art (drawing and music) into the classroom! She used it as a hook for students to write about and discuss. (I will link it as soon as I have it). The reason I’m sharing here is that when students can bring their own interests into class like this, it’s engaging for everyone. Letting students lead allows this to happen.


Leaders chose two stories from Greek Mythology, they told one in their own words and used a video to tell another. Then after each story they had a game that used the main idea of the story. Finally, students were asked to write about one of the stories and its accompanying activity.

Icarus and the sun story was followed by a pair activity, one student blindfolded and one speaking. The pairs had to find their way through a maze taped on the floor. There were 3 mazes set up and the students had a tournament to see who was the quickest and able to fly near the sun without their wax wings melting.

King Midas story was followed by a game similar to infection/murderer handshake game but instead of dying, the infected person turns to gold. The goal is to figure out who King Midas is.

The rhythm of story followed by a game was a success! Another strategy I loved is that they focused on words that were useful to pull out for vocabulary rather than very specific their topic.


I hope these student ideas spark some fun for you and your class!

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