I Improvised Today’s Improv Activity

Today I was going to have the students do a game that I like called “Taxi”. But, soon realized that was not going to go well at all. So, here is what happened instead!

  1. Prep- I had emotions/states/adjective written out on post-it notes before the students came in (I used some words that had come up recently).We did things like worried, busy, sad, confused, happy, lonely, competitive, enthusiastic, aggressive, shy, curious, frustrated, depressed, afraid, cold, angry.
  2. Faces- I read through the post-its and asked them to try to express that emotion with only their faces, silently.
  3. Trial & Error- At this point I attempted a few things, that I realized they couldn’t do. Improv in Spanish was too challenging without more rules/guidelines. Just throwing this in here because I definitely take some risks in class and try things out, but often have to abandon something and move in a new direction. That’s exactly what happened today.
  4. Walking around- What we ended up trying was that students were each given one of the post-it notes and had to walk around acting like their character felt whatever was written on their post-it.
  5. Guess- Then students circled up again and we guessed what everyone’s post-it said.
  6. Write a Convo- Then as a class we wrote a generic conversation on the board. Ours was pretty simple: greetings, asking for names and where the other person was headed. We left the script up on the board.
  7. Conversations-
    1. Students were paired up
    2. Read the script as their character (with the info from the post-it).
    3. Students tried to guess their partners’ post-it word.
    4. Finally, they would switch post-its and find a new partner. This continued for about 10 minutes and was a lot of fun. Some students improvised the end of the conversation more.
  8. Writing- After, students found a new partner to create a different dialogue with. They grabbed their notebooks and used their post-it as inspiration. The dialogue had to be 10 lines long, but there weren’t any other rules.
  9. Presentations- Groups presented their dialogues in small groups. The other pairs had to guess what the original post-its were.
  10. Switch notebooks! Then the pairs in the small groups switch notebooks and act out their new script, but keep their original emotions.

It was fun! 100% in Spanish, built community, generated new vocab, and recycled old words.

Stay tuned for a post on more about why I have started doing more improv in the Spanish classroom.

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