Essential Questions

My colleagues and I developed new essential questions for each year of our Middle School program as well as new assessment strands. I was reading over them and got excited about how the program has developed over the last 4 years.

I’ll share some of our grading policy and assessment strands in another post. But, here are the essential questions. I’m planning on adding some language about systems thinking to the 8th grade.

What do you think? What would you add?

Essential Questions

6th grade:

  • How do I function in a 100% Spanish classroom?
  • How do I support my classroom community?
  • How can I effectively communicate without English?
  • What is proficiency and language acquisition?

7th Grade

  • How do I extend and create with the language?
  • How do I continue to build my vocabulary?
  • How do I ask questions?
  • How do I challenge myself in the Spanish classroom?

8th Grade

  • How do I sustain sentence length discourse?
  • How do I begin to improve my accuracy?
  • How do I develop my Spanish literacy?
    • How does reading impact my proficiency?
  • How can I communicate effectively in writing?
  • How can I improve the quantity and quality of my language?