Video of IACS Students Problem Solving in the TL

Once you have established a community in the classroom and students respect that we will be interacting in the TL 100%, you can do activities in which they have to work together to solve a difficult problem.

All of the teachers in my school did this team building activity in our native language to start the school year. It was challenging and frustrating for some of us. My colleague, Stel, and I decided to try it with our students in Spanish.

Watch this video of her students as they work together to problem solve in the target language. They are participating in an activity called: “Don’t Touch Me“. (It is in Spanish, but I believe you will still get something out of the video even if you don’t understand what is being said).

As you’re watching, notice how many of them create with the language. How do they communicate? There are several levels of students represented in this group, see and hear how they all contribute in their own way. What do you notice? What do you think Stel has established in her classroom community in order for this type of work to happen?

For those of you already in proficiency-based classrooms, What do you hear? How might you debrief with the students after? What language might you decide to model after this activity as you do your post planning?