6th Graders Write About Their Experiences in 100% TL

Here is a collection of reflections by our 6th graders at the end of their first year in Spanish.
Today was my group and my “teacher for a day” day. It was supposed to be going along with the activities we planned and explaining them. It turned out that between explaining directions and answering questions, I saw that I have really made progress. Before we started the activities, I did not really know what I was going to say to explain them. When I started talking,  I used full sentences and it made sense. I was amazed that I could answer peoples questions. I had never seen my Spanish growth so clearly! I have never had more fun!

I really like that everyone has their own goal to work towards in spanish. Although at first it may seem like this would separate the group, I don’t think it does. It makes it so that people have less pressure to study and stress about spanish class, creating a more relaxed environment. I also think that if students fall behind, this would make it easier for the teacher to address it, and help them back onto the right track. People in the less advanced category of speaking can usually still follow along. With this, the more advanced students will almost be representative of how they will be later. In this way, students teach each other. This interactive way of learning is really interesting, and I enjoy it!

This week in class we did our Q3 writing prompts. I was so proud of myself! I was so proud because I wrote in sentences for every question that I answered. On one question I used 2 pages to answer the question in paragraphs. I feel that I am really starting to reach that novice-mid level. I feel with all of the vocab that we have been learning in class lately I can really expanded my speaking. I am so happy that I can finally talk in short sentences! That is how I have noticed that I am making progress.

I like working in this type of community in spanish class. This system works well because everyone knows and remembers different vocabulary, so if someone forget what a word is, they can ask the people around them. We can learn new words or how to put words together by working in groups of 2 or 3. We also teach each other with the profesor para un dia activity. Each person has their own goal that they can strive towards. Everyone learns in a different way and spanish class is good for this because we do a variety of different activities. Everyone in our class is doing great with their own goal. That is how and why the system we use in spanish class works.

I was talking in class and I realized I was talking non stop in spanish! I noticed and I was very proud. Unfortunately, I couldn’t find anything else to talk about. Then I started to understand something. I don’t need to understand what I am saying in english, I just need to know my vocab. Then I can talk in spanish. After I realized that, I became better at fluency in spanish. Espanol es muy facil! I can now talk in spanish without hesitation.

This whole year of taking spanish was astounding. In the beginning I recall myself always being nervous, only being able to list words. Now I can piece together words to make phrases and sentences. It is clear to see there has been some growth. I chose the self assessment as a jury piece and I think that it helped me a lot. When I played my first video and the most recent one at the time, my assessor and the student volunteers were amazed at the growth. This is the time when I too realized that my skills have improved. I had a bit of confidence then, but watched the audience marvel at the videos, I obtained more. I am more than satisfied with this year. I was glad to have spent it with such a supportive class and an encouraging teacher.

My acquisition journey in Spanish class has been amazing for me and it is amazing how much I’ve improved. I really do think it is crazy how well the owl program is going for me and everyone else. It is cool that I can go up to eighth graders from Tewksbury and know more words than they do. I believe This is because of how well the owl program works.