Building Our Linguistic House

Our Costa Rican adventure

IACS in Costa Rica

Costa Rica Bus Pic

Our host brother, Felix, said that beginning to learn a language with grammar first is like building a house and starting with the windows. I agree.

Stel and I decided to bring a group of students abroad for Spring break because we were so happy with our students’ proficiency levels since shifting to the OWL approach.

As you know, 21 students signed-up and we are now in Monteverde, Costa Rica. What I want to share with you today is that the students are thriving. This is the best assessment of their skills we could ask for.

As soon as we landed in Panamá students began playing with Spanish and using it with each other. Then in San José they began leaving the English behind when we met our guide, Hersón. The smiled widely when they interacted with him, and when they successfully communicated with the waiter at our hotel.


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