This is the time of year that we have students reflect on their growth as Spanish-speakers. It’s important to remember that we focus on what they CAN do (as opposed to what they can’t do/what errors they make). We also highlight what they are able to do today compared to what they could do before. I don’t compare Mandy to Sean. I compare Mandy to Mandy and Sean to Sean.

Here is one of Mandy’s first videos. And here is one of her most recent. Something that struck me when I listened to it is that her first one is easier to listen to.


I think it’s because it’s all memorized phrases and lists of learned words. The second, although a much higher proficiency level, is messy. She is creating with the language and expressing her own ideas. If it were interpersonal, the interlocutor could ask for clarification at points and she would be able to make herself understood.

When you listen to the type of language she’s producing, what do you notice? What CAN she DO in each video?

Here is Sean’s video from a year ago and here he is today. What do you notice?


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